Posted 9M ago by @mysticzombie

sos!! amazing butterfly plant is crisping up, i keep watering it when the soil is almost completely dry but i’m worried that it could be too moist in the bottom of the pot. it had direct sunlight for awhile, now it is indoors getting indirect light.
10ft to light, indirect
10” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
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Some of the leaves looked sunburned and I have a few of those pots- I had to drill holes in the bottom.

So I'd say what you said is on the right path- too much sun and you fixed it; your second guess is water at the bottom- I'd pull it out and check those roots.
9M ago
agreed with @sarahsalith pull it out and check for root rot! repot in something with drainage or drill holes like sarah said
Yea I would definitely think it needs drainage
Can you check to see if its roots are ok?
i think roots seem okay, i loosened them up a bit before putting her back in soil. she is now living inside getting diffused light
@sarahsalith did a root check, looking good i think!
@Mell no root rot detected!
@mysticzombie wonderful! How’s she doing?
@Mell her leaves look a bit crispier everyday although she’s indoors now but there is still new growth! i started misting her and i’m going to add a grow light to set up!
Keep me updated
If you’re seeing new growth and most of the current leaves are significantly brown, you could prune your plant a bit. That way it will focus its energy on new growth instead of wasting it on dying leaves.
You can wait until it’s acclimated to its new location so you don’t stress it too much at once.

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