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So here's a question regarding my zz plant. She's in a se...

It’s totally ok for the roots to outgrow their pot and bunch up like that! If anything it’s a sign of a thriving plant.

You don’t need to rush to repot, and it’s generally a good idea to wait until mid-to-late spring when your area receives more sunshine and the plant will have more energy to adapt to the stress of the repot. But if you want to sooner than then, it’ll probably do fine.
When you do repot, get a pot that’s 2-4” bigger than that one. You could use scissors to cut off the old plastic grower pot. Or even just transplant as-is and surround the plastic pot with soil.

If something goes super sideways and you lose the bottom parts of those glorious roots, don’t worry, it’ll bounce back :)
Hi! Unfortunately it looks like you may have to cut the pot off the plant in order to save the roots. I agree they are beautiful and healthy! And you can always get a new pot. It looks like plastic so should not be too hard to cut off with sharp, heavy duty shears, I would use ones made for cutting metal, they will get through the plastic no problem. And wear gloves for protection, but I don’t think there is another way to get that pot off without hurting the roots 💚
Thanks Shannon. I can care less about the pot, I just didn't want to kill my plant. I don't know how much damage it can take.