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Wtf is this?!!!
It’s so pretty! I NEED to know what it is! It’s a weed for sure and it’s growing in the run down yard. #PlantID #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewEnglandGregGang #RhodeIslandGregGang #RIGregGroup
Best Answer
It looks like a White Campion with some other wildflowers.
Did it rain recently? They kinda look like Rain Lillies
@RJG IT HAS! It rained for 2 days in a row and has been raining almost every day now! Let me Google rain lilies real quick
@RJG idk there’s no yellow in the middle, if I remember I’ll try to get a close picture when I have the chance
@RJG rain Lillie’s are SO pretty though! #wishlistplant for me!
I wonder if this is it @PlantyPlanter
@FirstCanna MAYBE! If not they are still SO PRETTY! ANOTHER #wishlistplant for me!
@PlantyPlanter I agree with @FitSedum they are White Champions.
They are so pretty! Sometimes it is such a shame to have to mow the lawn.....
Third it
@PlantEsteem I agree!
@FitSedum @KikiGoldblatt @Jilliebeanstalk I think you guys are right!
@FitSedum yep!

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