Posted 1w ago by @EagerAglaonema

My plant looks like it has mold around the roots and the ...

1ft to light, direct
Last watered 6 days ago
You can get a new plant if you want - but that plant looks fine.

Tradescantias' leaves are fragile and they brown if they don't get enough light and the brown if they don't get enough water.
The soil and roots look fine from what I can see. Nanouks don't really like a bunch of light, so if you have brown leaves then maybe too much light. Never direct light, her leaves will scortch. She can be thirsty too. Water her at least once a week, maybe a couple of times in the summer if you have her outside at all. Maybe give her a little plant food. I'm sure she'll perk up soon since you repotted her. Make absolutely sure you soak your soil after repotting.
Should the stems look black like that? I just mixed the old soil with the new. Is that ok?
Yes you're fine! That's how they just look. Most wandering type of guys like this have dark stems. It's all good!
Just a Pic of mine so you can see. We're recovering from fighting catapillers so all my plants looking sad lol.
Oh OK I see! Thank you! Hoping the new pot with the new soil and away from the grow lights will help it recover along with the neem oil.
I often have problems with the browning leaves which I think was too much light. I now have mine about 2 feet away from the window, mist it every morning with plain water, water about every 1-2 weeks (depending on what the soil is looking like) and just rotate it every couple days so it kind of gets even sunlight. I use the Miracle-Gro Moisture Control potting mix which has really helped. My Nanouk started VERY small and Iโ€™ve propagated twice now so just be patient! I also tend to clip the leaves if they get too bad.