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Showing off cuttings I received for free! #NewGrowth ⚡️🌱
•My Manjula cuttings are doing amazing. They’re just now starting to root, but both managed to push out baby leaves first! 🥹🥹

•Cebu Blue cutting is doing great! I have two N’Joy cuttings (one not pictured), both have developed healthy roots and also already pushing out leaves!

•Last but not least, my Mini Monstera absolutely loves her spot. Look at this root! It’s so thick and healthy! 🌱⚡️

📸I got these cuttings for free about 3 weeks ago and I’m so glad they’re doing great, as some of these are on my #wishlistplant list! Check the last image to see my Pothos #wishlistplant list! Also, don’t mind the dirty nails, ya girl loves playing with plants! 👩🏽‍🌾

❓Since most of these are #Pothos, which Pothos plant is on your #wishlist or which one WAS on your list, but managed to get? ✨
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I'm on the hunt for a manjula and snow/marble queen! Then my #pothos collection will be mostly complete (what I care about anyways!)
They all look so good! I had to look up the Harlequin and it's officially on my list. Lol
@LatiTish84 they’re beautiful 😍
@jaysjungle I’ll let you know if my babies ever get big and I’ll personally gift you two cuttings of each, you have my word! Manjula is one of my all time favorite plants.😊 I also have tons of marble/snow queen and global green cuttings! 🌱😭
Check your local Lowe's for neon. I recently bought two hanging baskets from there and each one had a few variegated leaves mixed in! Just this afternoon I was there again and saw 4" pots of neons that had a couple variegated leaves peaking through.

Most of the plant was solid but I'm giving these guys lots of light to encourage the variegation to continue, and I may ultimately take cuttings of those sections to see if I can make a small plant that is totally variegated.
@tmbryant37 I haven’t been to Lowes in WEEKS so this might be a good idea! Luckily I’m part of a local FB group that do shipment updates on Friday’s so maybe I’ll drive by tomorrow! 😊🌱
I have to stay out of Lowe's because every time I go in there I come out with at least one plant!

I posted these photos at the time I found them, but this is what the variegation looks like. It's only a few leaves on each plant but boy are they gorgeous 😍
@tmbryant37 Thats right! I think I remember the post! You’re making me want one so bad but my bf @ZestyGardens doesn’t think we have space for more 😭😭

I agree though, we’re hoping to move out sometime soon! Don’t want to go crazy and accidentally kill plants while moving! 🥹
Oh no, don't want to do that! I will say, they had baby 4" pots in addition to the big hanging baskets so if you have room for a little guy you may want to pop in there tomorrow 😉
@tmbryant37 aw! if they’re small and in 4”, I may have to snag one!! He does still owe me plants since he gave me 3 “free plant coupons” on my birthday a few months ago 🤭🤭
@tmbryant37 me too. I can’t seem to ever get out of Lowe’s without a plant…and we go there a lot!
@kscape I agree with @tmbryant37 on this 💯
@kscape so I wish I had a before Pic but two days ago i use rain water for one of my propagations and the roots grew trippled I'm size! I have to update my other ones today. I plan on taking before pics this time. I didn't think it would be much of a difference.
@kscape that would be awesome! And the global green 💚

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