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#GregGang time for the best day of the week!!! LETS GET READY TO #FreshLeafFriday!!!!!
sup #PLANTMAFIA. happy Friday!!!! lets see that #NewGrowth from the past week! you know the drill drop your favs, make sure you tag your plant group, annnnndd I am picking a best when I wake up tomorrow as the #FreshestLeaf (criteria totally subjective to what I am feeling πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰) #AlocasiaAddicts #BegoniaBunch #CalatheaCrew #CalatheaCones #CactusClique #MonsteraMob #PhiloFlock #OrchidOrg #OrchidLovers #FicusGang #FicusFam #HoyaHangout #PothosPack #PepperomiaPod #AnthuriumAssembly #BravelyBonsai #TradescantiaTroupe #FernFriends #SucculentSquad #RJGAsksGreg
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Checking in on these fresh babies ✨ Here putting their best leaf forward are: 1. Showcasing their cutest, teensiest baby leaves, Snow Queen the Marble Pothos and Samson the Satin Pothos #PothosPack but it wouldn’t be #FreshLeafFriday without an honorable mention of: 2. Delilah the Peace Lily ready to unfurl a fresh new leaf #AroidHeros (is this a thing?) and finally 4. Zebra with a brand spankin’ new leafy #Acanthaceae (really need to come up with a punny name for this plant family)
Here is my my #freshleaffriday for this week. To many to Choose so here is my top 10
p. eximium, p.Gigas , p,tortum (this is two weeks to get to this stage) p.silver sword bucket of props and young plants #PhiloFlock
Jewel orchard, Monstera standleyana, p. Gloriosum, p.Mamei, Syngonium 'Confetti', and the two Monstera twins. #PhiloFlock #OrchidLovers
this week i have entrants from Brazzy the #PhilodendronBrasil, Venom the #LudisiaDiscolor, Clutch the #PhilodendronBirkin, and finally Van Gogh the #AnthuriumAndraeanum
@Gordo you were locked and loaded this morning!!! sleep well friend!
@RJG I have been waiting up for this moment. I will sleep soundly now lol. Have a great day everyone and can’t wait to see all the pictures. You are all a amazing bunch of people !!!
Here are some new basil sprouts!! #FreshLeafFriday #freshAF
Bonus content: my tiger aloe is budding or something
@Curry Omg Nick that is a flower!
@RJG does that mean it’s happy with me
@Curry it's happy w it's conditions but it's indifferent to you as a person.
@RJG fair tbh
@Curry Nick it looks like you grew a fresh new blue leaf on your profile this week
@RJG @BJoyce says you’re wrong
@Curry you'll have to be more specific
@RJG no
@RJG B has recanted you are no longer wrong (in this case)
@Curry @RJG for the record eye never said you were wrong I was mostly trying to fit in my anxiety attack bit
@Curry @BJoyce I see a lot of text and not a lot of leaves. don't make me get @Kiersten in here to tell you what a leaf is
@BJoyce I just have a brand to uphold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
New sprouty boisssss!
@BoozyBillsBabe OOOOO what is this πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
@RJG my new aero garden! Growing some herbs indoors hydroponically πŸ₯°
First up, we have our #JewelOrchid growth. Those cones 😍πŸ₯°
@xiao whoa these leaves are so pretty
@RJG I know! im so proud of him ^^ and thankyou!
Plants are great. But first, coffee.
I was so excited to see this! Mostly because it’s Fresh Leaf Friday and I get to participate in #flf with my #PhiloFlock
Next up is the #FicusGang growth that seemed to have slowed over the last few weeks and I lost two leaves on this baby. Hoping it’s turning around. πŸ₯²
@sarahsalith always coffee first #gregmug
@Hypsie ooo what kind of Philo πŸ‘€
@MeganO love the slow burn release of fresh leaves!! keep it going all day.
Now for the #PhiloFlock (part 1)
And part 2 of the #PhiloFlock
I’m just here to say the bromance between @RJG & the newly verified @Curry has me 😭.
@RJG omg I’m finally home on a Friday, go figure. This morning my sweet orchid bloomed (!!!!), a fresh pitcher, and a teeeeny lil leaf from my vanilla orchid!
@Hypsie we cute πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ
@Kiersten omg @Megan is gonna like this update a lot 🀩
@Kiersten She waited for you! 🌸
pt 2 from the #BackyardGreenhouse (continued) Dorthy the #FicusElasticaRuby, Emma the #Jade, Esquire the #FicusAltissimaYellowGem, and Goldie the #FicusBenjaminaElDorado
pt 2 from the #BackyardGreenhouse (continued) Unnamed the #HoneyDropMandarin, Toothy the #TigerToothAloe and Ava the #Avocado
Omg omg thank you @rjg for making me look again! That new pink leaf on my v elephant’s foot was just a dot at 4am! (Yeah I look at my plants when I can’t sleep 😊) Now I see actual leaves! And a pink dot on my other one! This makes me so happy! #madeyalook
@BoozyBillsBabe I’m growing herbs that way too… 40 days in and dill is in the lead, closely followed by curly parsley and thyme!
Only new leaf for me is a tiny guy on my sensitive plant… I killed the other 2 so hopefully he will grow well! And some props from my anthurium, my pothos, and the floor of the plant store… πŸ˜‚
BΓ©bΓ© ripples and dolphins
I have my hyacinth which has flowered and the new leaves on my fatsia are growing :))
@RJG @Kiersten omg I love it so much 😍😍😍😍
New leaf on my pothos after i accidentaly ripped the other new one,and finally one of those leaf thingies on my snakeplant prop! He's finally growing a lil stem for a leaf πŸƒ #pothospack #succulentsquad
@Kiersten the light on these pictures is just stunning. (can we get Greg for desktop log ins soon so I can post from my dslrπŸ‘€)
Cute little baby on my flf. #FreshLeafFriday
@dylan1stokes the fatasia leaves are SO cool!!
@loveroftropics omg that's such a cool close up of the roots!!
@Mommy24monkeys we love baby flf leaves here!!! make sure to join the #FicusGang and #FicusFam
Yucatan Princess is popping off with 3 sprouted babies coming in with a new leaf each plus her two main plants each have a new leaf #AlocasiaAddict
Rabbit tracks maranta (also potted with some green maranta clippings) #CalatheaCrew
@ashbandicoot Omg I love your handle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€
Holiday cactus has been going nuts with blooming, the other half of this pot is white and theres 3 different holiday cactus in here 😐 she was my inheritance from my mother in law and belonged to her passed sister #CactusClique
@ashbandicoot that's so cool. I have a much smaller pot that has 2 or 3 colors in it. very exciting!
Double the new growth on the micans πŸ₯Ί #PhiloFlock
@RJG Thanks!
Thea growing herself a new bebe leaf #calatheacrew #freshleaffriday #rosecalathea
She’s growing a baby on the side ain’t she cute πŸ₯°
#FreshLeafFriday I’ve got a lot this week and it’s making me feel very proud 😌
I’ve got my beauty star #CalatheaCrew My peace Lilly
2 new buds on my raven ZZ #ZzPlant and both of my snake plants have babies!! 🐍
@melodey #CalatheaCones coming in hot!
@GardeningDiva the red edges are so pretty!!
@PinkPrincess even more #CalatheaCones and that lily leaf is huge!!