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Is this gonna be another moon or should I propagate??
Recently the red moon on this cactus rotted and I cut it off and now this is growing. Will it eventually be a new red moon? Or is it separate? Should I propagate??? #MoonCactus
0ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Looks like a pup to me! (:
The moon cactus is grafted onto a base cactus. Since the moon cactus was rotted and removed, I believe that the main body that’s growing. Unfortunately not a moon cactus. What do you guys think? @vvvelo @RJG
@AguaViviente you are right. This is not going to be moon cactus. Because the top part was grafted on the base. And both together they form moon cactus. Moon cactus plants are known as Gymnocalycium mihanovichii or Hibotan cactus. Strangely, the plant is something of a mutant and lacks the ability to produce chlorophyll, which means it must be grafted onto a rootstock with that ability.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Moon Cactus Info: Learn About The Care Of Moon Cactus
@vvvelo thanks for the link! @Kelseyao your stock is growing, that’s a positive aspect ✨🌱
@vvvelo thanks for this! Learned something new today!
Sadly this won’t be a new moon cactus 🌡 the moon cactus is my favorite type of cactus tho yours?

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