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What’s your favorite way to hang plants in your house? I have used command strips, curtain rods, and magnetic hooks! #PLANTMAFIA
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Right now I’m using a curtain rod but would love to get some to mount to the walls 😍😍
Mine hang from the ceiling in macrame. I have tall ceilings so I attach chains to give me length. Never thought of using a shower rod so perhaps I'll try that too!
@TinaRedchic ohhh this whole setup looks magical. 😍😍😍
@TinaRedchic how do you mount the chains to the ceiling?
@MeganO yes! Cuter options than command strips exist too! I have seen wooden pegs that folks use to hang plants out from the wall.
@Lara I’m also always super nervous that I’ll mount something and then while I am at work it comes tumbling down or something πŸ˜…
@MeganO I had one of my command strips fall the other day, but luckily the plant fell on a mound of blankets I store underneath so no plants were harmed. I admittedly didn’t follow the instructions of cleaning the wall, putting the strip on the wall, and waiting several hours to hang the plant. I just stuck the strip to the wall and then immediately hung the plant from it. So I think I kind of deserved to have at least one of them fall. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
This whole thread is very helpful
I just came here to pet your cat
I want to get a couple wooden pegs for my new place!
@Lara Thank you!
@MeganO I bought little ceiling hooks from Amazon. They twist in and are firm holding a lot of weight. And they're not expensive. Ceiling hooks+plant hanging chains+macrame plant holders
Pic of hook and chain (sold separately) at Amazon
Happy plants with humidifier (also bought from Amazon)
I use a thumb tackπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚for my cactus
@Lara I don’t have any hanging plants but yours are beautiful especially the cat πŸˆβ€β¬›
Coat stands
@TinaRedchic I got one of these and mine came tumbling down after 6 months! Department stores sell the kinds of hooks with anchors. I’ll be doing the anchors from now on πŸ€ͺ
@foliagegirl oh that’s cute!! Great idea!
Command Stripes and plants scare the bejeezus out of me. I just don't trust them enough. Plus a lot of my walls are old textured plaster, so they never adhere right. If you're looking to mount something on the wall, I highly recommend Wallygro planters. They come in a variety of colors and work great. I've had Big Boi in one for 5 years now and it's still great. I've added four more in another area, too. In the second photo you can see how they attach to the wall. Super easy!
@foliagegirl I really like the coat stands. Good height, takes up little space and husband won’t loose it if I’m not screwing things into walls and ceiling’s. Haha no I have to find a coat rack.
I just want to say this has been so helpful. I've been agonizing over ways to hang plants in my apartment.
I tried thoes exact white screw hooks came with my macrame hangers on Amazon but they pulled right out of the ceiling! The drywall in my home is the same thickness as the hooks. And I definitely couldn't trust command hooks so I screwed mine into the studs but then I'm limited on where I can put them because roof joists are 24inches apart. I got to figure something out because I love hanging plants, especially with 3 kids. They are safer up there haha.
I like double curtain rods. That way you can close the curtains without disturbing the plant. I also have multiple swag hooks installed in the ceiling.
Hole next to the middle one I have to patch where I the white screw hook broke out
@mayz I have had good luck with command hooks on drywall if you use ones that are rated the correct weight for what you’re hanging and follow the instructions exactly for applying them.
I have made my own hangers and have them suspended everywhere! On the curtain rail, sticky hooks on door frames, any hooks about in the house!
I hung some of mine on a portable clothes rack in a low light room
All of these ideas are great! I have also searched thrift stores for things to hang plants on.
@carrie I’ve seen these! I almost got one. Glad you like it. You’ve brought it back to my memory.
@MbrookeM I understand not everyone will have proper thickness in their drywall. My hooks came with anchors. I just didn't need them. The coat racks are a super cool idea too!
Sarah @foliagegirl I love what you created with the coat racks! You can probably find these at flea markets and other used thrift stores. I also bought a hanging plant stand.
@CarrieK thank you! πŸ₯°
@CalitoCarolinaCor hehe thank you! I thought of it after I tried to think of a way to hang plants that wouldn't cause any damage to my house because I'm renting πŸ₯°
@TinaRedchic thank you! Yes! They're a simple, not too expensive solution and don't involve drilling or sticking. Easy to move around too if needed πŸ₯°
I don’t trust the basic screw in hooks for hanging plants from drywall ceilings β€” they’re probably fine but I worry they’d strip and come loose. So I use these cobra brand books from Home Depot that have a piece that braces against the drywall so you’re not relying on the screw threads. The downside is that I have no idea how I’d get them out when I move, but that’s a problem for future me