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My #alocasiaamazonica has been having a tough time... #browningleaves and losing leaves over the past month... tried repotting and changing soil, doesn't seem to work. Made sure I wasn't over watering too. Any ideas? Jeff is down to only 2 leavesπŸ₯Ί
#Alocasia #alocasiaamazonica #plantadvice #dyingplant #help
0ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
@jcPlantProper Any ideas for Aaron about how to make his alocasia happy again?
Definitely had a perfect before picture. When was the last time it was repotted and then when did you fertilize? I always suggest when repotting literally just take the plant out of the pot and leave the old soil and just up pot it. Messing with the roots on Alocasia never lead to good things
I’m also looking at your pot size and it’s a lot of soil for that plant. Maybe put into a smaller pot with less soil and a soil that drains good
Wait! Why did you name your plant Jeff Bezos @DynamitePhlox ?!πŸ˜€
So I repotted from a much smaller pot last week bc I thought it was maybe root bound. I got rid of most of the old soil bc I thought maybe it was fungi. Last used fertiliser about a week ago. The new soil has better drainage but it's still iffy.
Oh and I named it Jeff Bezos because it's an alocasia AMAZONicaπŸ˜†
I should add that the browning leaves started a month ago @jcPlantProper
Mine sits in a pebble tray and that seems to have helped a lot. Maybe add some humidity?
I just brought mine about three weeks ago. It was in a medium pot it had out grown. I potted it in a larger pot one size and a half for root space. Prince started to sag I put a moss pole in it. Placed fertilizer Joel sticks into the pot near the roots. I loosely tied him. Gave him a little more water took him from the direct sun and now he’s fine.
I use job sticks because they work for me.πŸ« πŸ€—οΏΌ

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