Posted 1Y ago by @Tarisplantflow

Fluffy Ruffle Fern

What could be wrong? Leaves are browning and falling off. Lighting seems to be fine. I did notice that the soil was still moist today when Greg said to water. #FernFriends #ferns #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict
I have the exact same situation today! I snoozed, but misted, so we’ll see! I hope your babe pulls through! #plantlove
I have to mist my ferns atleast every other day and I water them once a week. They do not like drying out. I don’t have your specific fern but that’s my experience with my 3 macho ferns.
I have the worst time with ferns. They do like humidity. You could either move her in a bathroom if you think she'll get enough light or take her in the bathroom when you shower so she gets the benefits of the humidity.
@KDkat3 I have a birds nest fern that likes to stay wet and does well with Greg watering schedule. This one is not behaving the same. I’ll try misting.
@Hilly99 thank you. I will try misting. I haven’t done that.
@CoolNoblefir I do have a place in the bathroom that gets enough light. I’m going to try that! Thank you.
@Tarisplantflow you're welcome 😊