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I picked some from my grandmothers old property I live in Texas and where I’m at I don’t feel like we have good soil. Is this ok to pot for a few weeks so it can root then hopefully by then I’ll have nutrients to add to my soil.
12” pot
Last watered 7 months ago
Potting and Repotting Purple Heart

Though most commercial potting mixes will work just fine, the soil should ideally include peat moss (or coco coir, for a sustainable alternative), perlite, and compost.6 days ago

Flower Color: Pink, purple

Soil Type: Moist, well-drained

Soil pH: Acidic to alkaline (6 to 8)
I hope this helps!! 🪴 🌱
You should have NO problems with this Tradescantia Purple Heart taking root and continuing to grow healthily in this container/pot. Tradescantia can be successfully grown in-ground or in-house, as long as bright lighting is provided.

💚🌿 Good Luck! 🌿💚

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