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Hypoestes pink splash leaf browninng

Hello everyone, I’m having issues with this plant, I can’t figure out what I did wrong. There are a few leaves started browning from the tips or edges and becomes crispy. I can’t tell if it’s overwatering or underwatering. The water schedule is every 7 days or so, when soil meter get close to dry, and top soil feels dry, and I give it a good rinse. Any suggestions? Thank you all #PolkaDotPlant #help
This plant just seems to drop leafs like crazy but grows them back just as fast.i put mine in a humidity dome because of my forgetfulness to water πŸ˜… id only remember when I'd see her completely fainted 😬
Hi @DarlingMerlin . It looks like it may be stretching a bit. Maybe increase its light? Can you get it closer to filtered light, like a window with a sheet on it? Also, if you use tap water, maybe it’s having issues with it. Consider distilled or filtered? Here’s a Greg article on them that may help too:
@snowtrooper thank you for the suggestion, the plant is sitting next to the north facing window, it can get some bright morning sun( I live in Australia). Maybe not enough still? I do notice it starts to grow tall, should I cut back a little maybe?
Do the instructions give an amount of water every 7 days? What is the size of the pot? How much water do you think you are giving it?
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@DarlingMerlin Oh what a great plant shelf! Love it. My guess is it may like to be a bit closer. It doesn’t want direct northern sun (southern for me πŸ˜‰), but maybe a bit more.
@DarlingMerlin I just thought of another option (sorry, it’s 5am and the coffee hasn’t kicked-in yet). Instead of trying to move it, maybe you can supplement it with a smaller grow lamp?
Maybe try watering with rain ir distilled water. I find many delicate plants can’t handle water high in minerals. Also try not wetting the leaves.