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Opinions on your dirt mixing?
Opinions on Peat Moss, long fibered sphagnum moss, or coco coir? I need more soil for my plants. I was using perlite mixed with succulent soil and some little lava rocks and it is doing great for some of my succulents bit not all of them, especially now that it's coming to be our thunderstorm season where it rains nonstop and stays hot and humid, it's torture for me so I know some of these babes are begging for something better. #DirtyDeeds
ngl i use almost pure grit for my succulents lol, my newest sucs are actually in 100% akadama + kanuma with a bit of slow release fertilizer mixed in for nutrients. they’re all doing pretty good! if you have some succulent types that enjoy more water you can definitely mix in some regular succulent soil tho

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