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Identification help
I couldn’t wait until #WhatTheSuccWednesday πŸ˜… here are some of the succs I got to make my kids mini garden dreams come true. Greg and I are having a little trouble identifying them and hope the #SucculentSquad can help.

Please don’t mind the soil spilled everywhere…I left these outside to drain and we have a few naughty new kittens who made it their playground 😸

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I have the same one as number 2 and I have no clue what it is was given it as a mystery bonus so definitely interested in what that one is!
#2 and #3 in the first photo are varieties of hawthoria but I'm not sure the specific names.
#1 in the first photo looks like a variegated jade. And #1 in the third photo appears to be a jade as well.
#4 in photo three is some sort of aeoneum but I don't know which one.

That's the best I can do for you but I'm sure the squad will get these sorted out soon!
@shirleybong we’re one step closer, @tmbryant37 says some kind of hawthoria 😊
@tmbryant37 your best helped a lot! Greg thought the hawthoria were lamb’s ears πŸ˜…
Yes thank i did know that much! I had two actually 2 and 3 but then my husky ate number 3 lol maybe I can find that in my email so I can tell you that type! It's buried somewhere I'm sure
Ugh found every order but that one of course!!! If I come across it I'll let you know but think I deleted it
@shirleybong these pets πŸ˜… thank you for looking!
Omg yes my dogs are the worst ! 😫 they are now muzzled lol
#4 Sedum Adolphii on the 1pic
#4 ghost plant on the 2pic
#3 on the 3rd pic - Aeonium Kiwi.
Ahh thank you @vvvelo ! I kept getting lipstick echeveria but knew it was wrong. So cool can’t wait to tell the kids they’ve got ghost plants πŸ‘»
1- Jade, 2- ghost plant, 3- aeonium kiwi, 4 - ripple Jade ,
1-could be Aeonium Atropurpureum, 2- probably yet another Aeonium, 3- probably Graptopetalum Mirinae or Mendozae, 4- ghost plant.
#1 on picture one is a variegated jade.
TIL my pearl exhevaria is a ghost plant!!!
All of these are so beautiful, the haworthias are my fav! πŸ’šβœ¨πŸ‘πŸΌ awesome choices 1. Crassula ovata β€˜Lemon & Lime’ ✨ 2.Haworthia cymbiformis ✨3. Haworthia retusa β€˜Star Cactusβ€™βœ¨4. Sedum adolphi β€˜Firestorm’ second picture: 1. Aeonium?πŸ€”βœ¨ 2. Echeveria Canariense Cristata ✨3. Echeveria Ivory Hybrid ✨4. Graptosedum 'Francesco Baldi' third picture: 1. Crassula Ovata 'MINIMA' or
'Dwarf Jade Plant' ✨ 2. Graptopetalum paraguayense 'Ghost'✨ 3. Aeonium haworthii 'Kiwi Aeonium' ✨ 4. Crassula arborescens undulatifolia or 'Ripple/Curly Jade'✨ last picture: Graptosedum 'California sunset'✨. This was a tuff one, personally I try to buy the ones that are labeled teehee. It's soooo hard to research some of these because of their never ending species of hybrids etc. also, I’m 100% not correct, I just made an educated guess. These are a great picks πŸ‘πŸΌ the red one is so pretty 🀩
1. Crassula Ovata Variegata
2. Haworthia Retusa maybe?
3. Haworthia
4. Coppertone Sedum
8. Graptosedum Darley?
9. Crassula?
10. Echeveria of some sort
12. Crassula blue waves?

I’ll come back but rough guesses 🌿
@AguaViviente ah thank you! So knowledgeable πŸ™πŸ½ yeah, looking them up I was very overwhelmed.
@kscape good for rough guesses! I’m going to have to study up on succs πŸ’š
@Honeyharbin 1 looks like a Jade to me and I know @strawberrymoon has one similar to # 3 on the first set of pics.
Looks like everyone got them all for you

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