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Is it possible to save it?
Hi, my Gasteria Duval has grown quite a lot since I bought it and I wasn't sure if the growth is normal. I have looked at an old picture and it apparently doesn't look like it used to, so I guess it isn't supposed to look like this 😅
(This was my first plant, so I had no idea about how to take care of it properly).

Some leaves are very thin (look dried out?) and the old texture ist mostly gone. The plant is also much lighter than in the beginning.

I have the following ideas:
- it got too little light
- probably needs a much bigger pot and more soil

Would you suggest other things or is the plant a hopeless case by now?

(First picture: how it looked like when I bought it, second picture: current)
#OxTongue #gasteria #newbie
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Under-watering symptoms include drooping leaves, stunted growth, and drying leaves; these can be a range of different issues, including forgetfulness, too much sunlight, or the plant being pot-bound. Over-watering symptoms include root rot, a rotting base, or sudden plant death. I would definitely repot in something a tad bigger with more soil, water, then see what happens. Best of luck to you and your 🪴
Hmmm maybe try snipping a few pieces and attempt to propagate? How long have you had it?? Looks big for a succulent!
Thank you for the suggestions!
I bought it in June 2020, so almost two years.
I will look into how to propagate succulents (never did that before 😅) and repot it in something bigger then
@Melda good luck! I haven’t personally done it but I absolutely would try if I wanted tto save mine!
Thank you! I will maybe give an update if the propagation is successful :)

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