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I have a Christmas cactus and would like to make more but this is the first time so any tips #christmascactus #help #propagate
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I'm rehabbing a Schlumbergera truncata now. I have propagated the stem sections in water and leca and when the roots were long enough I put them in soil. This is a very old plant that I'm trying to save and it's slow-going. 

I've also propagated Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri by just putting the pieces directly in soil. It's the same concept for any of those three plants. 
The Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri cuttings were from a healthier plant and I've finally gotten enough together to pot for my Mom's Easter gift.
@sarahsalith thanks 😊 😊
I took these 2 leaves off my mums beautiful Christmas Cactus, and they took to this water with a few squirts of succulent food added!
My FIL told me to just stick cuttings into soil, but I haven't tried that yet... Going to soon tho! Accidentally broke a big section off of mine today... 😬🤦

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