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If you see this post, this is your sign to make a #MonsterPothos. You’ve been chosen.

🌿: #MarbleQueenPothos, #SnowQueenPothos, #ManjulaPothos & #NeonPothos
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2ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Best Answer
Stop it, I’ve been thinking about this! 🤩 my recent plant boom included a Silver Satin and a Green Globe pothos. Now I have:

- 1 marble queen
- 1 green globe
- 1 silver satin
- 4 Goldens
- 2 Jades

I realllllyyyyy want a snow queen and a Neon before I start experimenting 👀
this is a really cool idea!
I only have 2 pothos to cut! 😭
Also, suggestion- add satin and golden pothos for a true monster!! 😁
Looks super nice. 👍
Will do.. once my pothos get bigger and I add a few more to my collection.. I have golden, marble queen, neon and also scindapsus pictus exotica and argyraeus
I did this with my heart leaf philos 😂.
I want to do this!!!! I just ordered a new cebu blue pothos from plant proper 💙 So @kscape let me make sure I am on the same page.....just root cuttings from all my pothos and put them in one pot = monster pothos?
Also @kscape can you tell me more about your "pothos water"? I read about it in the comments of one of your science with greg posts but can't find it again 😱
@PlantEsteem Yup! Exactly! I just root different Pothos cuttings (3 roots, 3 inches) and then stick em in soil and keep the soil somewhat moist so the roots don’t dry out! You want to keep the roots moist as they’ve grown in water.

“Pothos water” is basically the water that is holding the cuttings! Because Pothos natural rooting hormones are water-soluble (meaning they transfer through water), I wanted to see if watering a slow rooting plant with water that was used to root a Pothos cutting would help growth speed! Still a work in progress but will update as soon as I see results 😁
@Localplantlady oooo these would be a wonderful combo! I’m hoping to add more once I have my other Pothos ready 😅 I mean, I have over 20 rooted BUT it’s so overwhelming 🥲🥲
@NMazon Let us know when you do! 😁
Ooooo....natural rooting hormones you say 🤔🤔I love to look at the roots so I have a few bottles and jars that have pothos living in water. So I can use their water as grow juice for my other plants?! This #sciencewithgreg stuff is awesome and informative. I can't wait to get rooting and create a #frankenpothos. Thanks! 🥰😁
Would love to but I only have neon and manjula 😣
@HoyaAddict If you weren’t so far away I’d drop them off for you rn 🥲
@kscape you’re such an angel 🫶

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