Posted 2M ago by @TryingMyBest650

Ponytail Palm + Mold?!
Hey #GregGang! I think my #PonytailPalm is rotting from the inside. I noticed some mold at the bottom of the trunk. I did the hydrogen peroxide rinses but it kept coming back. So I took it out, scraped out the moldy parts, and repotted it. Some of the fronds got mad and died off, which I can understand because our plant friends hate change.

But as I was looking more closely at the fronds it looked like there was some mold there too. I only #ButtChug my PTP so no water is getting on the leaves. The trunk is still sturdy and not squishy at all.

I’m curious what y’all think. Is there anything that I can do??
Yikes! It sounds like what you've been doing is great so far!

Personally I'd keep cutting that "branch" back until there is no mold. It could be terrible, but at least you'll know if it's on the inside. Hopefully, it's not and you'll just be down a frond!

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