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My ficus burgundy got a spider mite infestation and I think I overdid it with the alcohol spray. The mites are gone, but now its leaves are dying from the bottom up. Any ideas of what I can do except for watching it die slowly?? 😒😒
1ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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#ficusgang or @RJG anyone have recommendations for Rob to save his plant?
Is it only those two that fell off? It looks pretty healthy to me!
@RJG there were a few before these two, and a handful more are starting to change color
@robcirera When using Neem oil, you have to keep it out of light (sunlight and grow lights) while the neem oil is still wet on the leaves otherwise the leaves will get damaged. If the neem oil is still wet, remove it from your window.
@robcirera is there still new growth coming out of the top?
@AwesomePlants thanks for the tip! Didn’t use neem this time. Just 25% alcohol, and a little castile soap and peppermint oil
@RJG it’s stopped growing. It was growing pretty well before the spider mites hit
@robcirera sometimes they just take a bit of time to recover. As long as the leaf turn over doesn't accelerate.
@RJG thanks, Drew! Hopefully it pulls through!
@robcirera feel free to ping me if things become worse!
@robcirera I had a few rubber plants I had to give away and that is completely normal. It looks healthy to me as well.

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