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Can I help them somehow?
#help #sanpedrocactus I left my two newest cactus out to catch some sun.
And tought to leave them out, its warmer at night and shiny all day long.
I forgot it was a bit hotted this 2 days, aroung 25Β° and now I have burned them a little.
I tought they would be okey since I have mint up, on full sun and she's thriving.
I watered them today since it was like a week from last watering.
Here yoh can see mint, minding its own business and then this two baby's burned out. πŸ₯²
First burned part then healty part.
Best Answer
they will likely have scars from the burns but will recover!

when moving a plant out into the sun from inside, even a cactus that loves full sun make sure to always do so gradually or the plants will sunburn just like you and I.

stunning mint!
Thank you! @RJG

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