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Baby growth

Hi greggers, my Nelson has a baby growth near to his top. Is this normal? Can it be removed and grown on its own? Any help or advise would be awesome, thanks in advance
5โ€ pot with drainage
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Yes this is a baby, and you can cut it off and grow as an independent plant.
Btw, this is not a lipstick Echeveria
@CertainBanana Welcome to the Greg community! There are many different types of echeveria, but they all have a beautiful rosette-shape with fleshy foliage tinged with shades of teal, dove grey, green or pink. When they flower, they have long stems lined with bell-shaped blooms. They can be grown as houseplants or in the garden in frost-free zones. This perennial likes full sun, but in hot climates, give it some afternoon shade. Note what is growing from the center of the plant is not an offshoot, it is / will become a flower. Keep in mind that the flowering process takes up a lot of energy. Unless you want to grow seeds it is okay to remove the stalk from the plant! And maybe it will grow offshoots from around the base of the plant a bit faster, Those you will then be able to propagate. Happy Growing!
Hi Volodymyr, thank you, baby will be coming off soon then to grow in another pot. Also I know it's not a lipstick echeveria, Nelson is a collection of 3 different plants and could only tag as one ๐Ÿ˜Š