Posted 2M ago by @wolfwoman

Fern S.O.S.

I have had this birds nest fern for about a week or so now. I have been trying to keep her moist, as I've had problems before, but I'm trying to get better at ferns. She usually sits right by another plant and a humidifier and gets bright, indirect light. Despite this, she's doing the droopy droop, and I'm trying to save her before it's too late. Her crown is dry, but when I checked her roots, they seem to be browning. I have her on paper to siphon some water off. What else can I do? #fernfriends #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict
4ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
One option is to just repot her as if there is an issue with the soil causing eg rotting roots. Just make sure to use a good soil mix which ferns prefer. Are you bottom watering (eg tray) or top watering? Drooping fern leaves can suggest underwatering however and the suggestion of a dry crown.
@Seymour, I had been top watering, being careful not to wet the crown. I was definitely planning to report her into fresh, not-so-wet soil.