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Mushrooms? Paul is an $8 rescue from Home Depot. I repott...

15ft to light, direct
16” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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It’s the moisture control potting soil - you really should stay away from that stuff tbh - you want your plants to dry out in between watering not stay moist all the time. That also promotes root rot. The mushroom won’t harm it but definitely keep an eye out for root rot if you continue with that soil type. You should get just an indoor plant soil in my opinion. We have 2 Norfolk pines and they’re just in regular potting soil and are doing well. One just got skipped for watering this week because the soil is still very wet.
I have one that’s tiny, that o got for a gift! Any tips on how to keep it thriving would be great! Also do you fertilize it? If so what do you use?
I bought mine last weekend… so to soon to tell. I did use miracle grow soil. It says it feeds about 6-months.
@DotingIroncross thank you so much, I really appreciate the information. I had no idea about this soil. I will be extra careful about watering.
@RiomeQueen you’re very welcome! ☺️ this app should have more info about your plant + I’m sure there’s probably groups specific to the plant that you should try and find by just typing #HappyPlants these guys should be able to help too and may know some specific people you can check with πŸ€ good luck! I ❀️ Paul’s story, too! It’s my favorite and gave me a giggle!
@RiomeQueen - I saw this and wanted to share - may not necessarily be bad - definitely keep an eye on it. Did you happen to notice anything else in the soil when repotting? πŸ‘€
@DotingIroncross I didn’t notice anything specific. I will keep an eye out.
I had so many mushrooms that popped up fast and I removed them all thinking it was bad then I read where it’s good luck and means you have very good soil. ??