Posted 1Y ago by @SoigneSedum

What should I do to save this man?
I was gifted this snake plant today and I'm told it probably hasn't been watered in months. Parts of it still seem alive so I think it can be saved. What should I do about the brown stalks?
2ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Just snip the brown parts off, it will be fine.
will you be repotting them? if you’re gonna repot them id recommend waiting a while for them to recover. give them a good drink + prune off the brown bits and you’re good :)
And can I do anything about the fact that even the green leaves are falling over? Isn't this thing supposed to stand up straight?
1Y ago
Ah, snake plants are pretty resilient. I’m not sure, but it definitely looks dehydrated so giving it water should hopefully help it to bounce back ^^ I’d say, be sure to not overwater still as of course root rot is still a risk. Since it is a slow grower, and it typically has thicker leaves, it may take awhile for it to regain turgidity, so don’t worry if results are slow! Just keep giving it normal & regular waterings and it should be able to soak up & be better soon ^^ Pruning dead leaves/tips is usually always a good idea as well, as the others noted :)
Keep the faith!