Posted 1M ago by @LordPuka

What do the brown and yellow leaves mean?

15ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi Hazel @LordPuka! Could be a couple of things:

Is the plant still putting out healthy new growth? And is it just a leaf or two here and there? If so, it might just be the aging process - many plants will kill off older leaves to conserve energy for growth. In my experience this is especially true for vining philodendrons and not something to worry about.

If the growth has slowed significantly or stopped, it might be a root issue. When's the last time it was repotted? They can start dropping leaves when they're root-bound and don't have enough nutrients/soil to support the whole plant.

If it's dropping a lot of leaves all at once, and/or if new growth looks stunted, spotty, browning, etc., you might have a pest or infection problem, or root rot.

If it seems like that's the case, feel free to tag me and I can try to help troubleshoot. 😊

Hope that helps!