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Ok I need help. I just got a aloe Vera Plant today because u get sunburn in 5 seconds. Butttt... idk how to use it. I understand that you like peel it but how do I know when? please help lol
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1ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
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Depending on how much you need, cut a stem half way or all the way to the base. Then, filet it down the center (like you're making a fish or chicken filet!). From there you can just wipe the exposed alone on your skin.

Just use it sparingly. My kids decimated my medium sized aloe last summer! πŸ˜‚
You cut off the long part that you want to use, then cut the skin diagonally like how you would cut into a pepper. Then you can open it up and scrape out all the good sticky stuff with a spoon, knife, or whatever you want to use. Then you have a nice natural sunburn remedy!!
:] Hope this helps!!
What they said but skim off the prickers first!!! Those hurt like hell if you rub them on sunburn. You can also filet the goo off, blend it smooth and put it in a jar to apply by hand. It only lasts a few days.
does anyone also know how to make it smell better?
@Brookelyn18 you can add essential oils, like lavender, but just make sure they’re not going to irritate your skin and/or make the sunburn worse. I’ve also added the aloe to regular lotion :]
@Brookelyn18 I was gonna say lavender too like @serpens00 said. Any essential oil will do.

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