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I recently got my first aloe and I've noticed that a hole...

Hi plant parents, I got my first #climbingaloe a couple of weeks ago a I just started seeing a hole forming, some of the tips are starting to brown and the leaf itself are kind of squishy. I don't have the eight soil yet but I'm getting the right type really soon. (Thank you to @Lovinglearning @strawberrymoon and @KikiGoldblatt for telling me what the right soil is.) Is there anything else I can do? Thanks again! 🌱🌿🌱🌿🌱πŸ₯°
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4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
It maybe getting too much water and I would put it in a pot with drainage. Also by changing the soil when u get it it won’t stay so wet. I am also still learning but I LOVE plants and learning! Have fun!!!
i think glass is a bit too moisture retentive for a succulent, that plus the fact that there’s no drainage is probably causing her to get root rot. i would cut off any mushy looking roots and get her into either a plastic or terracotta pot with drainage.
Slow down on the water and add a few pebbles to help with drainage