Posted 11M ago by @Ellie.H

My SOP has started dying unexpectedly, help!
I don’t even know what happend, one day only a few are dead the next it’s almost the plant! Any ideas as to what’s going on? #StringOfPearls #Dyingplant
4ft to light, indirect
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Best Answer
These things are very prone to overwatering. Maybe see if you can save what’s left by propagating the healthy pearls
I agree with @Mabes - get some sphagnum moss and a to-go container and make yourself a prop box. You can save those last few pearls.
Yeah it seems like it was overwatered.
@Mabes after seeing this I went and checked the soil and it was indeed over water, so I grabbed what I could and I’m starting to propagate it. Here’s to hoping I can save it!
Sending good juju to your plant! Hope the propagation goes well!
@Ellie.H fingers crossed that the propagations go well!!! 🤗
they need drainage 🤍🤍
Good luck 🤞 Let’s hear how it turns out!
@sarahsalith Tell me more about the prop box?
@Yeeha234 I found a salad container and I melted holes in the top. I filled it with wet sphagnum moss that I rung out a bit (so it's still wet but not dripping). I have put cuttings, plants, soh leaves, sop Pearls, and odds and ends.

I put the top back on and put it under a light. I get roots on everything I want and I even get some volunteers from the sphagnum moss. (:
Absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you!!
Only have peat moss and coconut coir…

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