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Sharing Greg
@RJG What link do I use if I want to share Greg with someone for the three month trial?

Today in my FB plant purge group I 'met' a mother who has an 8 year old son. Her son has apparently had multiple brain surgeries and just returned home from the last one, meanwhile they already know he will have to go back again for a new plate reconstruction surgery in the 5 months.

Her son, Bentley Andrew, LOVES plants and finds them therapeutic. She told me this evening that as they grow he heals, and it's the sweetest thing.

She posted in the group that she has a budget and gave a list of plants he likes and the group stepped up big time. The post spoke to me and I plan to send him a few things from my personal collection. If even half the other commitments I saw posted come through this family will have a lot of new plants soon so I'd like to introduce them to Greg without it costing them as you can imagine their budget is tight.

She seems interested in at least considering it, and I'm hoping she'll take me up on this offer if for no other reason than the support I know the community will show her and her son. I can't imagine what it's like managing his care along with caring for their other son and generally managing life matters. I'm hoping Greg will make the plant part easier for her and more fun for him πŸ₯°
#plantsmakepeoplehappy #happyplants #plantaddict #newgrowth #plantmafia #planttherapy #mentalhealthmonday
PS- if it gets a little dusty in the room and your eyes water a lot while you read this post I get it. It was really dusty in my Uber this morning as I was reading it
Hey, Tabetha. Not @RJG but here's your link:
That's such a great story! I hope she signs up! Are there any other plants she's wanting?
Here's where you find the link so you can share it. (:
Sarah beat me to it!
@sarahsalith @RJG Thanks! My settings tab doesn't have a listing for the three months free (Android) so I wanted to be sure I was sharing the correct link.

From the comment thread it seems like this kid is gonna have every plant under the sun so I think they have some of his favorites coming which are Syngoniums
Here is a link to the post for anyone who wants to chime in. Personally I'm going to wait a couple weeks or so to send anything so they don't get too overwhelmed with everything showing up all at once. She said he likes to watch things grow so I'll probably send one full plant and several cuttings for him to root, probably with a little prop box setup he can use as a kit or guide for his others
@RJG If she does decide to join and stick with the app is there a way I could gift her the subscription when the time comes so she wouldn't have to pay for it?
@tmbryant37 I will look into this today Tabetha!
I love this community.πŸ₯° Tabetha you're precious and this story touched my ❀️
So we don't have a gifting function yet. It's a good idea.

Did they end up joining Greg? If so we might be able to make some magic happen.
@RJG I don't know if they have but I'm gonna follow up with her in a couple days to see. They have a lot going on right now so I want to be cognizant of that.

I wi definitely let you know if they do join. Like I said, I really hope she does because I know what this community can give in support πŸ₯°
@Sassylimey Me too ❀️
@tmbryant37 you'll get an email if they use your referral link!
Ah, wonderful
@jcPlantProper Is my Calkins big enough to take a cutting from? The little boy in the story above likes variegated plants so I want to put together a care package for him and I thought that would be a unique one to include that isn't too difficult to root or maintain.
@tmbryant37 can I see what looks like now
@jcPlantProper Here he is now. I was thinking of going just under the soil to get this leaf and its roots, but you tell me if that's okay or if there's a better place to cut. Or if I shouldn't cut at all.
@tmbryant37 this plant is actually a cutting from a tall Calkins. They were tall so we cut the tops off and planted them. I’ve never done just one leaf and stem cutting but you should try and see. It’s mature and rooted so it shouldn’t hurt
I did it with my monstera a while back. Where that stalk connected to the rest of the plant I snipped it and it came off with a few short roots. I'm hoping this one will do the same, but I won't know until I uncover it a little bit and see how it's connected.

I just want to do something cool for this kid and I think a cutting of this plant would be neat for him ☺️

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