Posted 3w ago by @AddictedATP

What’s wrong with this guy?
It’s very…. Limp
2ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Best Answer
Croton need lots and lots of direct sunlight. Very sun hungry plants!
It’s actually a Croton “Petra”. Mine gave itself a whole haircut when it started looking like this a couple of days ago 🤦🏽‍♀️ I dont know what I need to do to bring it back to life.
@PeacefulBohoBby oo thanks. I let Greg tell me what it is 🤧
Have you changed anything since you noticed?
@HoyaAddict did not know that. Guess I’ll just leave her out there lol
@AddictedATP YES! I repotted him today in a smaller pot🤞🏽 & I gave him a little gulp of water + fish fertilizer 😫
@HoyaAddict I’m in Houston, can they take the heat??
@PeacefulBohoBby ok I did the same over the weekend and put some compost in there
@AddictedATP I literally just threw mine outside🙄 I’m over the drama w Crotons right now
@PeacefulBohoBby Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever seen on of these guys burn haha. They love it hot and bright!
Thanks so much!!
@PeacefulBohoBby 😂😂 sassy
@PeacefulBohoBby I just put mine outside so it can focus on itself 🤣
@TryingMyBest650 OKAYYY!!! Because apparently he wanted to be in the streets to figure things out😫😂😂
@PeacefulBohoBby in the streeeets 😂😂😂
@AddictedATP He still out there🗣 I just checked on his lill butt🙄😤

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