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ficus tineke care?
i decided to scrap my idea of getting an outdoor plant when i saw this one’s just too cool to pass!
is caring for this type any different from caring for a regular ficus? and should i make a humidity tray for it or is there a better option to keep the air moist enough (i don’t really want a humidifier that works for the entire room because my other plants might get affected)?
If you wouldn't like to use a humidifier, I recommend keeping it in your bathroom if it gets enough light (a south facing window in your case would be best, but SW would suffice). I have mine in a NW facing window (I'm in the Southern Hemisphere) and it loves the spot. It's just waking up again after winter and throwing some lovely pink leaves (these will turn cream over time). Compared to other ficus, I find this one is ok with being indoors, so long as it is getting enough light (especially some needs to be direct) each day like ficus lyrata, compared to other ficus that do best outdoors.

Pebble trays honestly don't provide much humidity for plants. A humidifier is a much more stable option to keep the humidity in a particular range
@crazyfoliagegirl thanks for the reply :) i don’t think my bathroom has enough light unfortunately, do you think it’d be okay if i clear some space to put a small greenhouse in my room?
@voidnuggets perhaps! They do need a lot of light to thrive inside, so as long as it is right beside a south or SW facing window, it won't need supplemental light from a grow light.
They also grow very, very fast in warmer weather, so keep that in mind! 😊
@crazyfoliagegirl i’ll see if there’s any south facing rooms with enough space in my house, thank you much!
*thank you so much

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