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Crispy leaves
I’ve recently repotted this palm, and since then the leaves are extra crispy. It’s sitting in the same spot it was pre-update, the only other change is that I’m following the Greg watering recommendations on watering. I can’t tell if this is underwatering or sunburn. I inherited this plant, so have no idea how old it is. Ignore the short leaves, it’s a favorite for the cats to munch. #MajestyPalm #PetsAndPlants
1ft to light, direct
11” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Does it get direct sunlight? I think I read that they do best in very bright indirect light.
@TJphilobsessed yes, it’s in a south facing window.
Try keeping it just out of reach of the sun’s direct rays and see if that helps with the crispiness. Also…misting or a humidifier may help too. They need humidity.
Did it look like that before you repotted it?

I ask because I had some neglected palms at work and ... well ... spider mites got to them.

Do you see any webbing on the older fronds?
Try putting it near a humidifier
This is exactly why I got the “Greg” app. Today actually.
@HelperFernmoss well Welcome to Greg!!! The nicest and most helpful people are here on Greg. I’m so glad you found us!!
@sarahsalith it wasn’t this crispy before repotting. It’s been sitting in this spot for probably 2 years? No mites or anything. I’m starting to wonder if it needs more water and a subdivision, because it was probably at least 5 years in that same pot. But its growing seed pods so I’m just really confused.
@PiousAlfalfa, maybe try bottom watering so the soil gets saturated, and then let it be for a while. I would keep it out of direct sunlight. Clip the dried leaves off. And give it a few weeks, maybe the repotting stressed it out?
Mine started doing better with a tray of water under it
Personally, if you were watering it before and it was happy before watering schedule changed, I would go back to the way it was.

There are a few plants that I water my own way. I don't always follow what the app says because I know my plans best; they live with me.

It sounds like what you were doing before was working. Now, just water as usual- when you water the plant, pull it up on the app and click "water". As you do this for a few weeks, the app will learn how do you care for your plant and it will change the recommendations. (:

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