Posted 11M ago by @Terri5453

I don’t know why this says bamboo BUT does anyone know wh...

4” pot
Last watered 8 months ago
@Terri5453 That actually looks like a Sansevieria Samurai, I ‘m adding a picture of mine for comparison
Yea, that doesnt really look like a bamboo, Greg was trying to, Bamboozle you😁
@Ms.Persnickety yes that’s what mine looks like It was given to me a couple years ago and it’s done nothing Not grown a bit Except it’s got spikes or stickers thorns that’s came on the tips They kinda look red I’m old so lol may be my eyes
@Terri5453 No worries Mine has not done much either, I believe they are extremely slow growers, the benefit they don’t need much care nor water 💦🤣😂😅