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Is there something wrong with my aloe?
Recently I found out that my aloe vera had root rot. I replanted it and I left in in the sun for a few days, then brought it back to my room where there's less sun. The smaller aloe seem to be fine but the bigger one is leaning slightly and has a small amount of discoloration and a small spot on it.... is there something wrong? If there is what should I do? Should I put it back in the sun?
I 100% say put it back in the sun. I’m no expert but I live in Florida and these things grow like weeds here in the sun. I’ll pull them out of the ground because I get so many and they love for months not even being in the ground because of the heat and rain πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈβ˜€οΈ
I'd check the roots and give it more sun, but don't put it directly in the sun!

The color on the stem makes me wonder if it hasn't established it's new roots yet. If you suddenly put it in outside sun it will get a major sunburn and then that's another thing you need to deal with. Try s window with morning or evening light and then you can increase from there!
Whenever you suspect root rot and repot for that reason, always use the smallest pot you can that will accommodate the healthy remaining roots after you trim off the rotten ones. A too large pot will retain extra moisture in the soil and add to the problem.

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