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What’s wrong with these leaves?
Hi friends, I need your help! I took a photo and shared about this little guy yesterday. About how I came home from vacation and it grew that entire vine with new leaves. Everything was perfect and healthy but suddenly just overnight it looks sick this morning.

I’ve not watered for 11 days and watered for the first time yesterday. We live in a dry climate and it’s on the sill of an east facing window (it’s been here for months). I can’t imagine it being overwatering or sun burn since it’s in the same place where it’s thrived #SweetheartHoya

This is yesterday:
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 12 hours ago
I've never seen this before. I can do some research.
@RJG thx!
I am seeing the same on my Hoya. I have treated mine for fungal infection. I’m hopping this fixes it. It only shows on the newest leaves. But reading the article it could be edema which I never new Hoya got.
Oh nice Gordo would be on top of this 😌
@Gordo @RJG yes. Edema and fungus were my top suspects too. I’m going to treat it for fungus just in case, and hopefully if it’s edema, it will resolve. I’m hoping it’s because it got super thirsty while I was gone and then I came home and watered it. ??? Thx, Gordon!
@calvina no problem. Hopefully it recovers either way. I am certainly waiting on the new leaves to come in.

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