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Not flowering #
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Hi Wendy, welcome to Greg!

I see you posted "not flowering" as a question. Are you wondering why it isn't?
@haveaneedtoweed Hello Wendy, welcome to Greg!
@PlantMompy do you know what kind of plant it is?
@KikiGoldblatt It looks like a variety of cyclamen to me.
@haveaneedtoweed What sort of light does it get? When was the last time if flowered?
It’s a cyclamen. They like bright shade and a good fertilizer to flower. They flower seasonally so it may be done for the season.

Flowering times will vary according to the variety. But if tubers are planted too deeply they may not flower. And cyclamen in pots will need nutrients, so re-pot indoor plants in fresh compost in autumn.

After a cyclamen blooms, it will go into a dormant state. Going into a dormant state looks very much like the plant is dying, as the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. It isn't dead, just sleeping. With proper cyclamen plant care, you can help it through its dormancy and it will rebloom in a few months.

This might help you.
Thankyou all
We are just starting spring in Australia

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