Posted 1M ago by @Melody

My ZZ plant keeps loosing leave.
I’ve done most everything I can think of, I’ve moved where it’s at, watered it, leg or dry out. I don’t know what to do.
Would you mind showing me a photo of the current state of your plant? I'd be happy to help!
The new parts are sprouting but I’m concerned at the rate of the leaves falling off
@Melody It may be getting too much water, does the pot havw drainage?
@rynroxx yes it does, it originally came in a decorative pot but I removed it so it can get drainage.
@Melody alrighty, and how much sun is it getting?
@rynroxx I have it in bright indirect light at the moment
@Melody Hmmm, okie dokie one more thing. Could you touch your soil for me? First the top soil and then stick your finger in there, how does it feel?
@rynroxx the top soil is damp same when I stick my finger in it. I watered it on Friday before I went out of town for the weekend, I’ve been thinking I should just repot it and give it some new soil to let it dry out.
@Melody I would reccomend that. If you have another pot with drainage i would move it to that. Sound likes it might be overwatered. If it has root rot when you go to dry the roots, I would reccomend spraying them lightly with dilute Hydrogen Peroxide. Spray the soil as well; just a bit though.

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