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What type of pest treatment/prevention can I use for fungus gnats and spider mites specifically in sphagnum moss?
Okay so now that I got that out of the way! πŸ˜…

Moving on…

Today while enjoying my usual morning coffee with my wonderful husband, (today is our anniversary btw πŸ’’) I noticed a fungus gnat flying around!! I haven’t seen one of these since 02/08 (yes I remember the exact date, I HATE THEM!) I immediately and discreetly slapped it dead onto my arm and played off that everything was okay πŸ€₯🀫

I recently brought home a FLF about a week ago and it had gnats in the soil. I did a peroxide soak and was planning on letting it acclimate for another week until I did a repot. I didn’t want to use up my Bonide granules since I’ll be adding them to the new soil in a week and thought it’d be wasteful! 🀑🀑🀑

So now I’m in fight mode protecting my other plants!!! 🦟πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š I’m treating all of my plants again with my old faithful Bonide granules but my new Polly is planted in sphagnum moss, so I’m not sure what to do there? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Neem oil is too weak for me and I’m too impatient and maybe a teeny bit lazy (Taurus here πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ) to wait and/or do repeated treatments.

Is there anything someone can suggest that I can use to either pour onto the moss or spray that will protect against various houseplant pests?

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0ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I know it's not classy but i use fly traps. I even bought a venus fly trap in the hopes it would eat the buggers. Sadly not the case. Gnats are too damn small lol. I feel your pain. I'm just waiting on summer to kick all my plants to the sun porch.
Also happy anniversary. 😊
The fiddle may give you drama, but if that soil is infested with gnats, I'd repot with fresh soil now. You can lightly sprinkle cinnamon on the top of the soil as well.
Okay so @BehattedLlama has the most creative solution for this ever
@RJG Well the gnats at least
@babyfiretiger13 all the photos I have listed I use. But I just had a bad infestation and had to repot one of my plants.
I would make recommendations for #BeneficialBugs, but you said you’ve already used chemicals like bonide granules and neem the chemicals would kill the beneficials. If you haven’t already put chemicals, there are #BeneficialBugs that could help eradicate both!
@GreenGiant I have used sticky traps with success in the past alongside with the granules. I may just have to bring them out again πŸ˜’
@GreenGiant and thanks so much! πŸ₯°
@AwesomePlants You’re so right. I was trying to avoid the FLF drama but I just need to go ahead and bite the bullet!
@RJG can’t wait to hear about this, the suspense is killing me! πŸ˜ƒ
@KikiGoldblatt I actually have diatomaceous earth in my Amazon cart right now, I’m just wondering how I would use it for the moss?
@babyfiretiger13 @sarahsalith might be able to answer that.
@MeganO that’s so interesting! Have they been working out for you? I’ve already started going around with my granules! Good to know for the future πŸ™‚
@MeganO #BeneficialBugs is a hashtag I hope to see more of around here!
@babyfiretiger13 I haven’t seen any thrips since a day or so after releasing the pirate bugs! The pirate bugs are pretty voracious. They actually hunt them for fun and carry them on their back like a trophy πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚. The mites I applied are more of a longer-term more broad-spectrum type.
@Colin you will! Watching pirate bugs hunt down the thrips on my plants was oddly satisfying πŸ˜‚ going to be putting in my next order for preventive/follow-up maintenance in a week or so here.
@MeganO please take pics and share! That is so cool! I wish we could add short video snippets!
I use sticky traps. I bought black ones so they are less noticeable
@babyfiretiger13 yes!! I agree. I can’t wait until one day we have the capability for video uploads too!!
@AshleyK thanks 😊 good idea! I’ll have to look into those!
@babyfiretiger13 it’s right next to the yellowing leaf haha
I use neem oil. It smells bad but it works
@AshleyK that’s awesome! That’s nearly invisible!
@DivineTreasures it does small bad lol but hey if it works! πŸ‘πŸΌ
Sundews πŸ˜‰
@HoyaAddict one more reason for a new plant! πŸ˜‰
@babyfiretiger13 Definitely haha,as if I need an excuse πŸ€ͺπŸ˜…