Posted 6d ago by @PureWorm

Crispy Parlour Palm
I was given a large parlour palm (roughly 3 ft tall) with some crispy looking brown leaves already on it. It’s in a ceramic pot with no nursery pot (seems like an issue to me?) I have been watering it frequently and it’s in front of a large window that receives a good amount of sun, however it’s indirect sun. It’s my mother in laws plant and I don’t want it to die 🥴😂 Please help!
Hi Jordan, crispy leaves are usually a sign of either drying out or too much sunlight. Sometimes a lack of humidity can compound these issues. I’d recommend checking the soil, first. The moisture level will tell you a lot. Be sure to check deep down with your hand or a chopstick. Dryness? Probably underwatering. Sogginess? Probably overwatering.

My parlor palm HATES light 🤣 I keep it 1-2metres away from a window and there it’s happy! If any rays hit it…brown tips or leaf bleaching (white leaves)!

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