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Please help me save him
As of last week I was given this tree. It was just little brow but now the branches are falling and it is getting brown every day. I fear he might die at this rate. Could anyone give me an advice how to cure him #trees #help #dying #saveme #advice
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
What tree is it? It really depends if it has a humidity, root, sunlight, watering problem. The fastest way and trying to save it/him/her is by making its babies. Aka propagating. Cut a stem about 1-3 inch long and leave only the top leaves and cut the bottom leaves. Put it in a jar of water and give it sunlight.
I am sorry I didn't see the type of tree that was. Cupressus like 6-8 hours of direct sun. Likes humidity of 7-10
@SabelleTo if you go in the image gallery to the right i believe there is an information about the tree. The tree is Cypress Lemon. The branches are turning brown. The soil is wet. And it has a good amount of light.
Please keep us posted on this sweet little tree.❀️

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