Posted 3w ago by @GrowingGrace

Orchid Flower Stems? 🌺

What does it mean when the bloom’s stems turn white/yellow and the flowers fall off? Is this just part of the life cycle? The ones shown here just fell off into my palm with barely a touch. There are healthy flowers on the other side of the plant still. Thanks! 😊 #OrchidLovers
5ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Hi @GrowingGrace , it’s just part of the life cycle, new spikes will grow and flower sometimes the new spikes will grow from the old spike so don’t cut it off unless it turns completely brown. Hope this helps
@GrowingGrace Hi Grace, I agree with Bety @VipSeraphina that is is a normal progression. You can encourage reblooming or cut the flower stalk.

I often recommend the videos of Miss Orchid Girl so I hope this one or another helps. All the best #Seymour @Seymour
This is perfectly normal it’s sad how a lot of people think they’re orchid is dead because the flowers fall you should cut the stem off since you are done enjoying the buteful flowers and maybe repot it in a bigger pot and if it has a few big buds at the end of the stem maybe you should leave the stem and wait to see if they grow and bloom like me I saw little buds at the end of mine and they were pretty big. They are growing even more and more buds too so I let the spike on this one. One of them looks like it’s about to open. Yay. Wish me luck. Fingers crossed as you can see in the picture. This is the flower that looks like if it’s gonna open and the spike with buds and try to ignore the sad one