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If a plant of ours passes away, is there a place on Greg we can put them? It makes me sad to just delete the whole plant. #GregGang #GregFeedback #gregteam #help
No, not yet, but I believe it’s in the works.
This lil one didnt make it but like u say, cnt seem to remove. Notice the lil skull i added to signify no longer with me. 🤦‍♀️ i do plan on getting a new one some day
I also wish we had a #greggraveyard can we make this happen one day for our guys that don’t make it😔
@gAnderson oh you can remove plants!
@Propa yes let’s do it!!!
@robbi_rose yeah you can fully delete them, but then it’s like you never had them to begin with. It would be great to have a graveyard so we can see what didn’t make it💚
@robbi_rose lol. No i just meant it makes me sad to delete it. So i just put this on there
@Propa exactly!!! It makes me sad
@gAnderson OH! That’s really cute 🥹 I’m gonna do that too!
Plus it was named after my late mother😪 another reason i just cant bring myself to delete it. Wen i do get another, i will use this still. An make sure to include all info in notes section. Plus all my photo logs will be there.
@gAnderson Aweh I’m so sorry, yes 100% keep her up on Greg!
Hey y'all, a graveyard is definitely on our roadmap for the future. Great idea all!
I have a “Resting in Peace” photo I upload. I get to keep the plant pics and when I get a new one, it’s named after the previous one then 2.0 as the second one to replace the first. In my case, it’s the point that the plant used to be present and now it isn’t that bothers me. If you go to my oasis, you’ll see the image. That’s my little graveyard method until Greg develops one. I can’t get myself to delete them either. I’d be so sad to not see them there!
@RJG awesome !
@FitSedum I love this idea!! Thank you!
I was actually thinking about that this week…. I love the pic I took of my Coleus but don’t want to delete it from my Oasis. I actually had to get rid of my Coleus plant yesterday since it wasn’t doing well. It developed downy mildew. However I still have my other plants…
@RJG thank goodness. I have lost so many, but it currently looks like I don't kill any plants because I was tired of snoozing plants that had already died, so deleted them 😅
@FitSedum I saw what you do an adore it! Such a smart idea 🥰
I haven't lost a plant yet but this suddenly scared me
@foliagegirl Thanks. Im glad you like it.
@twopunk Yes. It can be quite scary. I chalk it up to lifespans and look forward to replacing it with a younger version if I can and when I can. It doesn’t replace the previous one entirely but it helps to know that plant is there and filling the void on the shelf. 😁
@twopunk btw, welcome to Greg and Happy Growing! 🌿
@twopunk welcome to Greg.
I hate losing plants, but I do delete them. It really breaks my heart when I lose a plant 💔
I understand that the Greg team are working on a plant graveyard. Any plants we delete are still in the Greg system, we'll see them again when the graveyard is developed🥰
@robbi_rose I agree, there really needs to be a place on the App where we can add the little guys that didn’t make it for what ever reason. Right now I have decided to not longer delete the plants that didn’t make it, on one hand I want to remember which plant I was not successful with on the other hand I also need a reminder so that I don’t buy the same plant again.
@gAnderson I like your idea of adding a special emoji to show your loss. I do find the skull a bit macabre and decided on a different emoji either a ✝️ or a ⚰️ I haven’t decided which one yet!
I have a spreadsheet and one page is ‘in memorandum’
@Ms.Persnickety lol. Ya it was just the 1st thing i seen to put. Now that i think bout it.....i looked thru again. Mite change to 😇. Actually looks better huh?! 🤣
@Ms.Persnickety oh I love these!
That’s a great idea

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