Posted 3w ago by @FastGasplant

Plant Id?
Best Answer
@FastGasplant it’s a Dieffenbachia oerstedii also known as a Dieffenbachia Green Magic.
I'm afraid it's not D. Oerstedii
Maybe a sterling??
Dieffenbachia seguine??
@FastGasplant can you take a picture of the stems??
The leaves grow from within, just like wild ferns
@FastGasplant maybe an Aglaonema brevispathum?
More pics
I think they are close relatives of the dieffenbachia???
@YammieOf3 is this an Aglaonema?
Thank you @angelw1975, this is the right match I guess.
@ThePlantDadLife not sure never saw one of these before.
@FastGasplant do you actually have this plant???
@YammieOf3 Yes I do. Got it just a few days back

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