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Missing post icon for editing and sharing?
@RJG is this a glitch, or did we remove editing and sharing from posts? I checked multiple posts to make sure it wasn’t isolated to only one—all seem to be affected. Just wanted to give the #gregteam a heads up. #GregFeedback
Best Answer
@kscape We didn’t remove it intentionally, the bug just persists on all builds on iOS 16!
Since I can’t edit: Just the editing icon seems to be missing. Sharing button below is fine!
@lazyplantparent are you a beta tester?
It's an iOS 16 bug.

Although I wanna say @kscape may have found a fix.
Haven't been able to edit for about a week now personally 🥸 just being super careful.
@RJG nooooo there’s always so much I forget to include the first time around 🤡 I’ve been filling up my own comments like nobody’s business lmao 😩

@KikiGoldblatt I submitted the google form a while ago but I haven’t heard anything yet
@lazyplantparent were getting closer to beta everyday 🤞🏼
@RJG @lazyplantparent I thought I fixed it but @Kiersten said they had isolated the Editing button since they’re having a glitch with iOS 16. I went to TestFlight and ended Testing, and downloaded the regular App Store version of Greg and it worked for a lil, and then they removed the edit button entirely to be able to fix it soon! 🤞🏽
@Kiersten oops! I must have read it wrong 😅 thank you for clarifying!

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