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Can somebody help me figure out my lighting???
My plants aren’t happy and I’m kinda freaking out… I’ve got probably over 50 plants in a city apartment and I need help! Recently I learned the difference between ‘indoor light’ and ‘direct light’. Most of my plants receive very bright indoor light as you can see in the pictures… Photo 1 is my bedroom, Photo 2 is my living room, and Photo 3 is my office, and I included which ones look happy and which ones are struggling… It’s a bit gloomy out today so these pictures aren’t at their highest light potential. Does anyone have recommendations on where to put my plants to make them the happiest they can be? I’ll take any help I can get! #PlantAddict #PlantLove #UrbanJungle #HappyPlants
@ShaeWayBaby your Monstera needs to be near a window to get bright indirect sunlight. Mine are located near a southwest window. They are thriving in that type of lighting. On the others I’ll have to do some checking on lighting requirements.
I'm quite sure we'll have plenty of help to offer but I wanted to applaud the effort this post took to put together. Very thoughtful and in depth!

Now to call the helpers: @sarahsalith @kscape @abcd @KikiGoldblatt @Megan @MeganO can anyone help Shae out?
@ShaeWayBaby the money tree needs bright indirect sunlight as well.

In order for the tree to thrive as a houseplant or outdoor plant, provide it with the following: Bright indirect light: A money tree needs daily light, but direct sunlight will scorch its leaves. It grows naturally in partial shade beneath the canopy of other trees, so provide a similar environment for it in your home.

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Dwarf Umbrella Trees like filtered indirect light. Provide them with at least 4 hours of light a day. They will stay healthy and grow properly if they are getting the required light.

Birds Nest Fern light requirements

Light: Bird's Nest Fern grows best in filtered or indirect light. An east- or north-facing window is ideal. Watering: Water your plant as necessary to keep the potting mix evenly moist but not soggy. These plants also benefit from moderate humidity when grown indoors.
I think the Monstera will be much happier if you put it in your room!
@RJG applaud?! More like standing ovation! This is amazing!

Here are my thoughts. That moody money tree (I feel you, Shae) needs brighter light. Even with brighter light, that money tree will give you grief. That's its job. @KikiGoldblatt just asked what our most needy plant was and I couldn't decide between the SSOP (stupid string of pearls) or my money tree.

The only time my money tree is not throwing leaves off is when I ignore it right beside a southern window. It needs SUPER BRIGHT light but not direct light unless it leans into it.

I LOVE your balcony area. I recommend putting the Jade and the umbrella and the birdsnest outside. Not in direct light, but the light out there will be so much brighter than inside.

I have a little dwarf umbrella in a west window as well as my birdsnest and a Jade sitting outside in full sun.

My Jade looks so much better after the initial sunburn. 😬

And the Monstera can tolerate lower light, but it won't grow as well. Have you considered a grow light for the Monstera?
Oh is this where I show off my money tree @sarahsalith 👀🌚🗿
@RJG no - this is where you send me your address and I just send this moody money tree to you!! Put it out of my misery! 
have you though about chopping here. The bottom looks super good!
Your Monstera would do good in your bedroom!
@ABCD @KikiGoldblatt the monstera used to be in my bedroom where that money tree is now, it was getting sunburned but the soil wasn’t drying out? That was my reasoning for moving him under the grow light, but now he just looks sad and droopy….
@sarahsalith thank you so much! 🥰 I’ll definitely be setting up a little outdoor spot for those guys you mentioned!

Might just move the money trees to my bedroom desk or maybe directly in the living room window? (I’m too superstitious to let this guy die lol)
Unfortunately the monstera is under a grow light and he still isn’t doing fabulous… he just seems so wilted… could I potentially put him outside too?
Ok @ShaeWayBaby I think I have an idea—which direction does sunlight come in, blue arrows or red arrows?
🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s both
@ABCD it really is both, red in the morning, blue in the afternoon/ evening
I think your Monstera would be happy where that shoe is at the tip of the blue arrows
@ABCD I never even thought of that as a spot to put plants?! You’re a genius!
@ShaeWayBaby you could put the Monstera outside as long as you keep it in the shade. You'll have to keep an eye on the soil because it'll dry out a lot faster in the heat.
@RJG I've thought about it. What have I to lose at this point?

My only concern was putting it in shock since on those stems, that is the growth. The bottom looks so good because those are different stems.
@sarahsalith I mean they're super easy to root. So root the tops and see what happens w the bottom
@RJG @KikiGoldblatt @sarahsalith @ABCD Thank you all so much for your help yesterday! After getting a little extra help from my husband I think everyone is gunna be very happy in their new homes!
You’re very welcome!
@ABCD you are so very welcome.
@KikiGoldblatt for what??
@ABCD ooops tagged wrong person. Sorry.
@ShaeWayBaby you are so very welcome.
@KikiGoldblatt 😜😂
It looks great! And it looks like the kitties approve!

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