Posted 1Y ago by @PearlGirl57

When do I remove center flower? Looks like it has run it'...

4ft to light, indirect
10โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Hi Sharon! So I was interested in your plant and did some research. You can go ahead and cut the flower off now at the base but FYI โ€œUrn Plant blooms only once and then dies. However, it produces offsets (pups) at the base of the plant after flowering. The offsets can be transplanted when they are at least 6 in. tall (15 cm) and planted in fresh, barely moist potting mix.โ€
Thanks...I have 2 pretty big pups that I need to plant soon. Took a second pic to try and show pups.
Welcome to Greg, Sharon! It does look like your flower is spent.

You can cut it off and remove the dead part. Keep an eye out because you should see (if you haven't already) pups coming up beside the mother plant.

You plant will decline over time, but you'll have the pups that keep on going. I got six pups from my bromeliad before tossing the mother plant. (: ๏ฟผ
What a cool plant!