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Drop tips below 👇
My first ever cactus! I saw him at Aldi and I just couldn't resist. Welcoming any tips on basic cactus care and any other tips and tricks y'all have found helpful😁
4ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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I love an Aldi plant for sure. Since he’s so little I would go ahead and repot him - find a terracotta pot, hopefully something deeper and about 1-2 inches in diameter larger. Use cactus soil and give it a good watering. Then, don’t water again until the soil is 100% dry. When in doubt, skip/snooze a watering day and check next time. I’ve never killed a cactus from not watering it but I’ve killed a couple over watering. 🫣
I personally don’t own any cacti but I know they don’t like to be overwatered
He’s in a good spot by the window. For good measure turn weekly and water thoroughly biweekly or when all the way dry
heyo i don’t mean to be a party pooper but moon cacti will occasionally start rotting on the red part so i wanted to give you a heads up!! the red part is grafted onto the rootstock (green one) bc it can’t survive on its own since it has no chlorophyll to photosynthesize. ofc some people manage to keep their moon cacti alive for many years but there’s still a risk unfortunately.
anyway water him only when you’re sure his soil is completely dry! also most prebagged succulent/cactus soil mix is not well draining enough for cacti so you might want to add additional pumice or perlite. i would repot him into well draining soil and leave him in the spot you currently have him in :) you can use plastic or terracotta or unglazed clay planters, just avoid ceramic and glazed clay.
@strawberrymoon oh thank you for giving me a heads up! I totally didn't know that.
@kaleena awesome, I really appreciate it!

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