Posted 2w ago by @SportyLilac

Got@an ID of blushing philodendron for this girl, but leaning more toward prince of orange. Any idea?
@SportyLilac yes that is a correct ID.
Great, had a couple people swearing she was something else.
This looks like a Philodendron erubescens ‘McColley’s Finale’ to me! Pic attached for reference :)
So confusing
@SportyLilac oh and fyi — I’m agreeing with @KikiGoldblatt! You’ll notice that Kristy’s suggestion as well as mine both say “Philodendron erubescens.” That’s the species. Think of that like the model of an iPhone (iPhone 12, 13, etc.). What I did was provide a specific cultivar of the species—McColley’s Finale. Think of this as the *color* of an iPhone. So while Kristy and I both suggested the same “model,” I also provided the specific “color” of your plant. I hope that helps make it less confusing!
Also, I noticed you mentioned that you were wondering if it was Philodendron erubescens ‘Prince of Orange’ — here is a visual comparison of that plant versus the plant I suggested 🙂 I’m a visual learner so side by side comparisons have always helped me when I’m torn between different options when trying to identify plants!

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