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My ficus is very stressed. Does anyone have any suggestio...

I'd start with what type of light it's getting. Maybe it needs more or less? I'd also look at water issues. Over or under watering. I purchased a simple water meter for very cheap and it's made a huge difference in my plants health. I also started adding #HappyHappyHouseplantFood to my plants each watering. It was also a game changer in growth and over all health. Maybe posting a picture and location of the plant could help us be more precise, but without that these are the things I'd look into first. ☺️
Is it the one in your Oasis? It’s kinda hard to tell if it’s over water or under watering from the picture. Was it watered recently? Is the soil damp still? I have heard they are sensitive to change as well. Like if you change the location of the plant or major temp changes. My ficus always suffered from me forgetting to water it. It would drop leaves alllll the time. I eventually pruned off all the dead and diseased branches and put in a window with just a little more light (before it was in the dark practically), and mine is on the mend. My point is, don’t be afraid to take off dead leaves or prune it back slightly if needed, because I think they can produce new growth quite fast.