Posted 1Y ago by @InerrantPawpaw

Hey guys, my plant’s leaf is yellow, anyone know what to do?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
It could be due to over or under watering, depending on the drainage of the pot and soil. It could also be due to lighting conditions.
@PinguDog thanks, i just watered it though the app told me to wait a few more days, it’s got a drain hole at the bottom but was recently re-potted. I tried watering, hopefully that works
Just give it time :) the plant itself will perk up but once a leaf turns yellow, there’s usually no turning back so you can chop it off or wait and see
Hilo beauty! Yeah too much light in my experience has caused this
Watered 1 month ago?? These guys are heavy feeders and need regular water moist not wet soil. I’m in Australia so is it growth season where u are?